Photo Voice is all about showing the kind of street YOU think would work best within the Terry Street / 1st Avenue corridor. How? Simple: Find a photo of a street that speaks to you in some way. Perhaps it’s the width of the adjacent sidewalks. Perhaps it’s the configuration of the driving lanes. Perhaps it’s the presence of street trees. Whatever it is, if you like it and think it would work well within the Terry Street / 1st Avenue corridor, share it with us here.

These can be images taken from within Pocatello, or other communities. They can be images you take yourself, or that you’ve found from other sources.

Your input is critical for helping to prioritize desired improvements along Terry Street and 1st Ave. We will examine each photo and compile the results, which will help us understand the broader vision the Pocatello community has for the corridor.

Share your photos by Wednesday, July 11th.

To add your photo:

  1. Review the map below. Scroll and zoom to identify where you think the street features you like would work best within the Terry Street / 1st Avenue corridor.
  2. To add a marker:
    • Desktop Computer: Right-click to place marker
    • Smartphone / Tablet: Single tap to place marker
  3. Grab and drag marker to relocate, if needed
  4. Insert short title in “Marker Title” field, below the map.
  5. Describe the photo in “Marker Description” field, below the map. What is it about the photo you like? Be specific.
  6. Upload photo
  7. Tick box
  8. Click “Add Marker”

A moderator will review your submission to ensure that it does not contain profanity, disparagement, etc. When approved, your marker will appear on the map!

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