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A community-driven vision for the Terry St / 1st Ave corridor will only be successful if you participate. We are taking extra care to deliver ways that make it easy for you to participate in this important community discussion. Ways that are consistent with your busy lifestyles. Ways that are fun and reach you were you are at—not the other way around.

The project will include unique—and fun!—activities so you can share your thoughts:

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The Community Walk and Talk and Build a Better Block days are important community events. Learn more here.

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Why Public Engagement?

Terry Street and 1st Avenue are important to the economic and social identity of Pocatello. They are streets and public spaces that belong to each of us as citizens. You should have a say in their future potential. As a result, public engagement is important to this project because we want to:

  • Broaden stakeholder involvement that will be more representative of the community as a whole.
  • Build trust between local government and community members to enable better collaboration.
  • Build trust and bridges that foster understanding and respect between different community stakeholders.
  • Enhance our ability to make collaborative decisions.
  • Build the capacity of City staff to be able to facilitate effective public engagement long-term, and in future projects.

Public Engagement Principles

We are committed to providing robust opportunities for public participation in local decision making. For this project, the City is embracing an inclusive and participatory planning approach that will apply the following guiding principles:

  • Be Authentic: The purpose of this project is to generate grassroots community ideas and opinions about the future of the East Terry / 1st Avenue corridor.
  • Be Inclusive: Public engagement opportunities are open to all and are designed to be as inclusive as possible to the City’s population.
  • Be Transparent: We will provide full transparency about the project’s sponsorship, purpose, design, and how decision makers will use the community’s input.
  • Be Committed to Openness & Learning: We do not have a predetermined outcome. City leadership, as well as community participants, commit to being respectful of the diversity of opinions that exist in the community, listen to each other, and open to and willing to explore all ideas.
  • Support Informed Participation: Participants will have access to information and/or expertise that will support their ability to successfully participate.
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