Old Town Pocatello and Idaho State University are central to the fabric of our community. They serve as both economic and social engines for the City and the greater Pocatello region. But the future of these places is anything but certain. The goal of the Terry First project is to create streetscape design concepts for the stretch of Terry Street between 5th and 1st Avenues, and for the stretch of 1st Avenue from Terry Street to Center Street. These designs will inform future land use and infrastructure changes to help make the corridor more safe, walkable, and economically vibrant.

Community Questionnaire

How do you use the Terry Street corridor today? What is your vision for its future? Take this short questionnaire today.

Photo Voice Mapping

Pictures say a thousand words. Share photos that inspire you, and that represent improvements you’d like to see occur to the streets within the corridor.

Opportunity Points Mapping

What are the current physical challenges within the corridor? Use this interactive map to show us where – and what – are “Opportunity Points” along Terry and 1st.

Volunteer Sign Up

Interested in helping to build paint create and collaborate on a Better Block? Sign up to be a volunteer today!



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